Incident Clock, 2.3” digits, emergency response timing.


Product Description

A programmable incident clock for timing emergency response incidents and announcing reporting periods. Every 10 minutes is typical however the reporting time is set by the user. Clock displays hours and minutes as a continuous count from the beginning of the incident. At 99 hours it will roll over to 0. Also may be run as a standard ProTime interval Timer showing minutes and seconds. For multiple unit installation order model CC8152-T29 as number 1 and model CC8152-T30 as number 2, so they can be run on separate incidents. Horn may be programmed for different patterns or may be silenced. Also performs standard ProTime interval timer operations (See CC8152-T01). Shows time of day when timer is not in use. Infrared remote controls for programming and operation are provided. Includes power adapter,operations manual, and one year limited warranty.

Additional Information

Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 20.0 x 12.0 x 8.0 in