99 Target and Actual Counter, 2.3 inch digits

Product Description

Standard Counter. The cycle time can be programmed in minutes and seconds to a maximum of 99 minutes and 59 seconds.  TARGET count will advance by one, each time the cycle time expires.  The ACTUAL count is entered either manually or automatically as completion occurs. The maximum number which can be displayed on either Target or Actual is 99, after which the display will begin to count again from 0. This total count should be considered in terms of the shift or day total at the planned location.

This unit is programmed with the IR Remote Control and then operated with a wired station keypad. The red light is a pause light which comes on whenever the timing is paused.

An IR Remote Control for Cycle Counters, a Power Adapter and a six digit station keypad are included with this unit.

Additional Information

Weight 9.0 lbs
Dimensions 20.0 x 12.0 x 8.0 in