Repairs for New and Old Chronomix Equipment


NewChron Associates manufactures and markets only the Chronomix Brand 8000 series Interval timers, which are the Interval Timers and Counters that are designed for guiding physical training and manufacturing production rates. This product line has model numbers beginning with CC8. They are intended as indoor units, are not battery operated and not intended for race timing. However they do find uses as pace clocks on indoor running tracks  and practice control timers sometimes in outdoor settings.

Repairs of interval timers and counters in the model series beginning with CC8 is available at NewChron Associates, 207 Normandy Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94598. Prior telephone contact 800-407-5453 is advised because issues can often be resolved with out the necessity of shipping the unit.


Race timing equipment  has not been manufactured since the Chronomix company ceased manufacturing in December 2008. This includes all models in the following series; CC727, CC737, CC1000, CC2000, CC3000.

Repairs of the old race equipment manufactured by Chronomix Inc. are not handled by NewChron Associates.  No parts are stocked for this equipment.  However a company that does repair the race equipment can be reached at, which is EXPERT TIMING SYSTEMS, 1630 Williams Hwy, Unit #197, Grants Pass, OR 97527.

NewChron Associates is not connected with this company but the address is listed in an effort to assist the owners of older Chronomix equipment.